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Psychological Test Tools Development

The development of a psychological test tools aims to meet the specific needs of the company to measure the psychological aspects of specific personnel, which the company believes needs to be managed properly.

Support for Accurate & Reliable Psychological Tests

The psychological test tools were developed while still paying attention to psychometric principles so that the resulting score is valid and reliable. Valid means accurately measuring what you want to measure. Reliable, i.e., the minimum measurement results are free from measurement errors (error).

Companies take advantage of more sophisticated screening methods: tests of personality, skills, intelligence, to improve the hiring process quality.

Need for Adjusted Psychological Testing

Company awareness to manage the psychological aspects of personnel encourages HR practitioners and researchers to compile and develop psychological measurement tools that can be customized to the company's needs.

For example, management awareness to increase employee job satisfaction, which is believed to increase the department's productivity, requires them to develop employee job satisfaction measurement tools as the basis for creating work programs within the department.

Another example is when a company opens job vacancies and receives many application files, while the company's human resources are limited to selecting these files. A quick assessment test for initial sorting needs to be developed to ease the HR Department's burden in selecting candidates.

The last example, the application of new corporate cultural values (for example, the value of the BUMN AKHLAK), needs to be preceded by measuring the existing corporate culture's values. Thus the management can identify the gap between the new cultural values and the old corporate cultural values.

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