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Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for SMEs

Bookkeeping and accounting services that we provide focus on SMEs and start-ups, and are one of our BPO services. Services that result in optimization of company resources and cost-efficiency.

An Effective Way to Monitor Business Growth

Bookkeeping and accounting services we provide are effective in helping companies fulfill their tax reporting obligations in accordance with existing corporate financial reports. Indonesia has commercial and tax regulations that must be met. For example, every company must report a monthly tax return even though there are no ongoing operational activities.

How we work - accounting outsourcing workflow

By outsourcing the business process of bookkeeping and accounting, even payroll and tax administrative compliance, you will reduce operational costs and administrative burdens while ultimately increasing business flexibility and growth.

Workflow when you outsource your accounting to tilyanPristka

Bookkeeping and accounting reports output

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    Balance Sheet
  •  icon=
    Profit Loss Statement
  •  icon=
    Cash Flow
  •  icon=
    Bank Reconciliation
  •  icon=
    Complete transaction detail
  •  icon=
    Accounts Receivable/Payable Aging Report
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    Other reports required by management
Our bookkeeping and accounting services are beneficial in the early stages of a new company and are ideal for SMEs and start-ups
Other monthly deliverables and outcomes
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    Perform balance sheet reconcliation.
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    Establish accounting system and procedure
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    Fixed asset verification & tagging services
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    Stocktaking (retail & hospitality) listing services

Tilyanpristka is proud of its staff consisting of experienced accountants, well trained, and have local business knowledge. This ensures customized solutions for your business based on requirements by government regulation.

True one-stop solution, the services and software in one!

Save time, money, and tax with our cloud-based accounting software, complemented by expert accountants and integrated services.

We have created a highly efficient way of supporting accounting outsourcing activities by developed our own software to improve the performance of our accounting services.

Clients can choose from a large selection of accounting software on the market. By choosing us as your accounting BPO vendor, we help you save on accounting service budget by offering free access to our online accounting software for up to 3 users if you don't have any.

Preview and tutorial for our cloud accounting

Check our YouTube Channel to see our software that will be used if you haven't used any software (the difference between the interface in the video and the actual is due to our continuous development).

What included in the software
3 users
Multi Currency
Accounting Software
Create and issue invoices
Bank and VAT reconciliation
Two-factor Authentication
Private database placement
Mobile Application
Other Solutions
Remote Working Optimization
Apply with affordable open-source technology with us
Process Automation
Application of business process automation in an environment of SMEs
SAP Data Entry
Wide-ranging of data entry services in SAP ERP (FICO Module)
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Why outsource your accounting to tilyanPristka

Several reasons why companies choose and switch to our services

Reliable and Experienced

19 years of experience in accounting and payroll services, helping clients to comply with financial and tax reports obligations


Professional Staff

Access to proffesional staff for in-depth understanding of Indonesia’s financial reporting standards


Focus on SMEs

Focus on SMEs scale that will help you to save time and minimize costs as you outsource your accounting and tax operations


Audit Support

Assist your team with audit support for companies that need assistance during the course of an audit


Service and Software in One!

Provide you additional cloud accounting software if you don't have any - Free up to 3 users!


SFAI Global Network

As a part of SFAI Global network, we can help accommodate your business expansion beyond Indonesia

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