Payroll Outsourcing Services in Indonesia

the best payroll process outsourcing services in indonesia

Payroll Outsourcing Services for SMEs

We can take over total responsibility for administrating your payroll, alongside dealing with the Indonesian Tax Office, Social Health Insurance Administration, and Employees Social Security System.

Payroll services that can be tailored to the scale of your business

Organisations of all sizes can benefit from outsourcing their payroll to tilyanPristka as well as from our payroll solutions. From small start-ups to multinational corporations, our aim is always the same: To adapt our service to our clients needs.

How we work - payroll outsourcing workflow

The primary purpose of cooperating with us is to ensure that all employees are paid accurately and timely with the correct withholdings and deductions and to ensure the remittance in a timely manner. This includes salary payments, income tax, deduction from a paycheck, and BPJS related (including as a liaison with BPJS Manpower & Health).

General workflow of payroll outsourcing in tilyanPristka
Detail workflow of payroll outsourcing in tilyanPristka
How we work to handle your payroll process
Payroll workflow 1
How we work to handle your payroll process
Payroll workflow 2

Payroll outsourcing service setup phase

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    Review and understand client's payroll system in order to set up proper calculation.
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    Set up procedures and timeline betweean client and tilyanPristka about payroll service.
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    Set up payroll master data to be inputted into our payroll software (collecting related all employees data).
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    Perform payroll calculation and tax reconciliation from the beginning of fiscal year up to current month.
A quality and transparent corporate payroll service that can be specifically tailored to meet your very company needs.

Payroll process outsourcing monthly activities

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    Perform calculation of salaries and allowances to be paid.
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    Perform calculation of tax article 21 (employee income tax) to be paid.
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    Perform calculation including report submission and payment of monthly Jamsostek.
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    Prepare and arrange payment and reporting of article 21 taxes and submit monthly returns.
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    Prepare salary slips.
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    Perform payroll reconciliation on monthly basis.
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    Other related reports required by management.

We work exclusively with permanent employees, who have completed an in-house internship covering various topics and processes, before they are made available to our clients as technically responsible contact persons.

Quality assurance and quality control for all of our reports are a central topic in our company and represent the basis of our customer satisfaction.

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Why outsource your payroll to tilyanPristka

Several reasons why companies choose and switch to our services

Reliable and Experienced

Our experience in implementing payrolls for multinational clients ensures that regardless of complexity, we will find the most efficient solution for your business


Flexible Outsourced Payroll Solutions

We offer flexible outsourced payroll solutions that adapt to the needs of any business, no matter how many employees you have or the industry you operate in.


Scalable Payroll Services

We offer different levels of service and depending on your needs we can scale our payroll service according to your company needs.


Save Time & Reduce Cost

Outsourcing your payroll will saving your time and more importantly, money! This will also leave you free to fully develop your business.


Indonesia Local Services

If you already have a legal entity in Indonesia, we are happy to run your payroll for you, whether for start-ups or enterprises.


SFAI Global Network

As a part of SFAI Global network, we can help accommodate your business expansion beyond Indonesia

How to start outsourcing your payroll function with tilyanPristka

Let us help your company to growth
  1. 1

    Speak to us

    Let's discuss your payroll needs in more details and we'll send you a proposal.

    Drop us a message now!
  2. 2

    Check your inbox

    In less than 2 days you will get a quote in your email, and review it in your own time.

  3. 3

    Provide the needed data

    We will send you payroll form to be completed after proposal signed.

  1. 4

    Data review

    Review the salary and allowance component, which items will impact the tax calculation.

  2. 5

    Meet with our team

    Introduce our team who will handle and determine timeline to agreed.

  3. 6

    Welcome aboard!

    We'll get you onboarded and start to setup the payroll master data to our payroll software

Want to outsource your payroll to us?

We can help you comply with the regulations through our Indonesia payroll services.