Become Audit Partner

Become our Indonesia audit partner and join international network of audit firm that exist in more than 70 countries
We invite you to become audit partner

Become Audit Partner

The role of Audit Partner represents both professional and business challenges. Combination of the right skills and a business-focused mind is necessary to achieve that goal.

SFAI Indonesia as Public Accountant Firm

It is our pleasure to notify you on behalf of the SANTA FE ASSOCIATES board of directors, a transnational network of accountants and consultants throughout the world with more than 200 offices in 70 countries, starting in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Furthermore, about SFAI at:

”As a member of the Forum of Firms at IFAC, we are committed to maintaining our level of excellence and the highest profile in the professional world.”

The privileges that our organisation can assure

The Forum's objective is to promote consistent and high-quality standards of financial reporting and auditing practices worldwide. The Forum brings together firms that perform transnational audits and involves them more closely with the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) activities in audit and other assurance-related areas.
SFAI has committed to practice with a consistent application of high-quality audit practices worldwide and meets the Forum’s membership obligations as detailed in the Forum Of Firms Constitution.
We came from the academic side of the profession and also the practice side. Our origin goes back to 1943 when President Roosevelt decided to install in Los Alamos Laboratory the most prestigious scientists to produce the Manhattan Project. A lot of Nobel Prize were those scientists, led by Albert Einstein.
In 1980 three Nobel prize winners left the laboratory to found Santa Fe Institute, the university considered the cathedral of complex thinking. In 1997 another three vice-presidents left the Institute to found what today is SFAI, as to be the preeminent network dealing with accounting, tax advisory, and consulting.
Our Academic board, integrated by 23 excellent professionals, is devoting their full time to think about what is good for our firm as a whole: the organization and their member firms. You shall not find any other network with this sort of academic support.
The reckoned quality of our professional practices made the IAA asked Alfredo Spilzinger to chair the INTERAMERICAN FORUM OF FIRMS. He accepted, and therefore we are a leading firm in that part of the world.

We invite your firm to join our network as an audit member firm, which is the way to expand each local business portfolio. That is being part of an international organization.

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