Strategy Mapping & Performance

strategy map and performance managemen improvement to support business growth on your company

Strategy Mapping & Performance Management

The strategy description through several corporate objectives – strung in a causal relationship – to facilitate organizational communication, drive improvement by data/fact, prioritize activities, continual productivity check for current business.

Mapping your organization strategy

The strategy map is a powerful communication tool that enables all employees to understand the strategy and translate it into actions they can take to help the organization succeed.

Strategy maps outline what an organization wishes to accomplish and how it plans to deliver its accomplishments.

Therefore, the strategy map facilitates the strategy's definition and communication by creating a visual representation of the key objectives boiled down to a single page diagram.

Improving performance management on organization

Performance management is a continuous process that includes goal setting, real-time feedback and coaching, appraisal, employee development, and rewards and recognition.

By aligning performance management with their overall leadership strategy, leaders can position their organizations for high performance that lasts.

When done right, performance management is a powerful strategy in achieving company goals. It explains that an effective performance management system will create teamwork, communication, and collaboration between managers and employees.

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