Organizational Restructuring service in Jakarta

Organizational Restructuring

Develop a strategy that focuses on the organizational structure to increase global competition and is sensitive to the fast-changing technology and environment.

How organizational restructuring can impact to organization performance

The organizational restructuring has become a commonplace phenomenon in recent years with the emergence of merger and acquisition activities in a company, particularly start-ups.

When your organization/company restructures, merges with another, or is bought out, most of us have come to equate those terms with layoffs. Because during restructurings, managements' focus is on developing severance and incentive packages to reduce the employee's headcount.

Organizational restructuring revolves around changes in decision making, information flow, and management styles. However, existing resources may survive and even benefit from the change.

Restructuring can be one of the least desirable human resource management processes. Putting in the right strategy will allow you to make the necessary changes without exposing too many legal risks.

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