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Most easy and user-friendly accounting software in the market

Software as a Service (SaaS)

With a monthly subscription scheme, increase company efficiency and productivity without investing in your business support software development.

Features can be developed at any time according to client needs.

The number of technology companies that have issued software as a service product that SMEs can use has proven that there are more and more small medium enterprises, and startup companies.

Because of this situation in 2016, we also started to develop a web-based application that focuses on supporting our long-running BPO process. This is what makes us one of the players in online software service providers, especially for the needs of our BPO clients.

The development we do is based on our experience in dealing with past and present clients. Because development is done internally, existing features can be developed at any time, depending on our clients' needs.

We have currently used several applications to support our BPO services without charging additional fees; it's free!
You can see how the application is used for our accounting BPO process

Supported by internal programmers, we provide solutions to support your business needs with an affordable monthly subscription fee scheme.

Contact and discuss with us if you have specific support software needs for your business, and we are ready to build it from scratch, and you will only pay the monthly fee when you enter the ready-to-use stage!

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