Low-Code Development Platform

implementing low code evelopment platform system for small-medium enterprises

Low-Code Development Platform

The low-code concept helps shrink the tedious path from origination of a business need to a ready-to-use solution. Empowers the analyst with a tool where they can create functioning applications using a visual editor.

Low-code for Enterprise-Grade App

Configure the data structure without coding. Add new fields to user applications using the built-in low-code tools.

Low-Code Data Editor

Enjoy the visual editor where all data types are arranged in a user-friendly manner and have easy-to-understand names.

Users can customize how fields are displayed, make them required, and set them editable or uneditable.

Create interfaces in a low-code designer

Design interfaces of any complexity with a graphic editor. Use drag-and-drop to configure task, app, and page forms.

Group data by tab or column, add dropdown panels, tables, counters, and other ready-to-use elements. Interfaces will look great both on desktops and mobile devices.

Fast concept-to-product track

Forms created with the low-code designer start working and displaying data right away. You do not have to restart the system to get the interface going. The journey between the idea and the release only takes a few steps.

Rich library of standard widgets

Our product offers a large library of standard widgets that cover the most common data visualization tasks. Analysts can create reports, charts, dashboards, and tables to display data in a comprehensive and convenient form.

Set up advanced components based on the standard widgets, so you can use them over and over again. All this simplifies the workflow and boosts interface design.

Adaptive design

No need to invest more effort to create a handy interface for mobile users. Forms, apps, and pages created with our solution are adaptive by default, which helps them look good and operate flawlessly both on desktops and smartphones.

The logic that the low-code designer is based on is fully mobile compatible, so the user can work in the system both in and out of the office.

Customizable reports and dashboards

Configure custom charts, reports, and dashboards to manage your company in real time. Choose the way of displaying data and get an analytical report for a specific period using any data stored.

Compiling a report does not require engaging IT specialists. With an intuitive interface, you can see what a report will look like while designing it.

Data Security

Create your own access control model with flexible settings. Manage data access on the directory and entry levels.

Restrict read, create, edit, and delete rights depending on the role or title. Provide or restrict access of selected users or groups to specific information. This variety of options helps ensure maximum security and data integrity.

Application Programming Interface (API)

The public API allows for even the most complex scenarios of interacting with third-party services.

When using the system’s objects, you get access to data required for composing a query. You can check and adjust your query at any time.

Built-in development environment

Enrich the system capabilities using built-in development environment. Introduce scripts and integrations, adjust interfaces, add complex calculations to your forms.

Save the functions you create to use them when configuring other interface elements or business processes. Code completion, hints, and syntax checker will make your work easier.

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