Business Process Outsourcing services in Jakarta, Indonesia

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We are offering freedom to focus at your Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) business core

Less administrative,
more strategic

Competitive and various business process outsourcing solution to reduce internal system complexity
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Network member and main partner of Santa Fe Associates International
in Indonesia since April 2018

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Society 5.0

The need for digitizing workflow of company business processes and workforce to welcoming society 5.0

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Intelligent BPO

Business Process Outsourcing services supported by automation technology resulting cost efficiency

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Remote Office Optimization

Support your company activities with cost-effective technology with an open-source environment (suitable for SMEs)

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Digital Transformation

Is needed in implementing business 4.0 in your company. We can be your partner in every step of the transformation

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Cloud Product

Access anytime and anywhere on your desktop and laptop. Full features to support our client BPO activities.

private cloud system to support business process outsourcing activities

“We are working at almost twice the capacity”

With our success in implementing our private cloud system to support our clients' business process outsourcing activities and followed by robotic process automation in our BPO area at SME's scale, the transformation of our business into a fully intelligent BPO will be achieved in the near future.

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Why choose us?

We provide alternative solutions in decision making that would maximize our client's performance and business value.
employee experience in accounting payroll tax compliance area

Experiences in Our Expertise

Has more than 15 years of experience in the payroll, bookkeeping & accounting BPO

BPO services that scale according to business progress

Scales With Your Business

Our services can be developed according to the growing of your business needs

BPO provider that supported by technology

Accompanied by Technology

We provide BPO services assisted by affordable emerging technology

business services that suites small-medium business and enterprises

Suitable for SMBs and SMEs

Our focus is to serve the needs of SMB / SMEs finance & accounting requirements

Solution Advantages

Payroll processing, account payable/receivabe, fixed assets, inventory are fast growing function and were most companies choose to outsource.
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cost efficiency
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no resource redundancy
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process effectiveness
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no extra investment
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focus in core business
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highly customizable
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international network
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professional staff
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free cloud BPO tools
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Video tutorial on Youtube Channel
cloud accounting software that can be customized in Jakarta
Customizing Existing Feature

The customization process is carried out internally to approximate the need for recording company financial transactions.

cisco multi factor authentication on web based accounting software
Multi Factor Authentication

We provide an easy-to-use, secure mobile authentication app for quick, push notification-based approval to verify your user’s identity with your mobile devices (Android/iOS)

Finance and Accounting Automation, for SMEs!

We have successfully implemented this automation in several existing client accounting business processes, especially in our cloud product. We believe that in the future we will fully understand the application of this emerging technology at the SME scale.

robotic process automation for small-medium business