Tax Compliance Services

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Tax Compliance Services

With our methodology, let us assure you to provide services in fulfillment of tax administrative compliance and to help you achieve company key objectives.

Awareness of how much tax burden and penalty must be paid

Knowing the fact that taxes can be so complicated, and also because taxation can be a major cost to your business. This kind of situation could be managed well if tax obligations are implemented properly and on time.

Increasing business growth, administrative burdens, technological developments, and changes in government regulations sometimes become obstacles in preparing tax administration.

Monthly Tax Administrative Compliance

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    Review and calculate client's monthly withholding taxes (i.e.: Income Tax Art.23,26 and final tax) compliance on a monthly basis.
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    Monthly Corporate Income Tax Return - PPh 25.
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    Arrange the tax payments on a timely basis.
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    Prepare monthly tax returns.
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    Monthly Value Added Tax - PPN
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    File all tax documents to the tax office.
Offering a transparency system for all of our services and keep every process in very properly and timely.

Annual Tax Obligations

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    Annual Employee Income Tax Return (SPT Form 1721)
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    Annual Corporate Income Tax Return (SPT Form 1771)

These processes above require a special investment of time, knowledge of local regulations, and taxation. We provide a partnership to understand your company's needs. That is one of our principles also the benefits that you can get by trusting us.

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