Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

best bookkeeping and acconting service you can found in Indonesia

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

We can help optimize your core accounting resources and reduce costs by working with you to evaluate and design the best service delivery framework.

Affordable for SMEs and start-up companies

As an experienced BPO provider in Indonesia, we will help companies comply with financial reporting requirements. Indonesia has financial and tax regulations, and all local companies are required to comply. For example, every company must submit monthly tax returns to the tax office, even if no business activities or tax obligations have been recorded.

By outsourcing accounting and tax administrative compliance business process, you will reduce operational costs and administrative burdens while ultimately increasing business flexibility and growth.

Monthly Reports Output

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    Balance Sheet
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    Profit Loss Statement
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    Cash Flow
  •  icon=
    Bank Reconciliation
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    Complete transaction detail
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    Accounts Receivable/Payable Aging Report
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    Other reports required by management
Our services can be very useful during initial/setup phase and suitable for SMEs
Other deliverables and outcomes
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    Perform balance sheet reconcliation.
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    Establish accounting system and procedure
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    Fixed asset verification & tagging services
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    Stocktaking (retail & hospitality) listing services

Tilyanpristka is proud of its staff consisting of experienced accountants, well trained, and have local business knowledge. This ensures customized solutions for your business based on requirements by government regulation.

BPO Cloud Support Tool / Accounting Online

To improve the performance of our BPO process to clients, we have developed internal web-based application. Clients can choose from a large selection of accounting software on the market, but we will offer this application for free!

Preview and tutorial for our cloud accounting

Online reporting that can be directly accessed by person in charge authorized by the company. Customized reporting and adding features in the future related to company needs are the advantages of our bpo software. We have also made a tutorial for our clients to use this application in our Youtube Channel.

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