Business Process Outsourcing

One of company strategy by hiring third party BPO service providers to handle the responsibilities of specific business process/function
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Companies Strategic Choice

This strategy helps company to make time and cost efficiencies, achieve high performance, and reduce risk.

How can BPO strategy help your company

If your company needs a rapid progress, then it must be able to face many variety obstacles, such as large investment costs, lack of flexibility of employees (on production seasonal), operational bureaucracy, and many experts that may not support the core business.

Based on the following issues, the right solution is to use of the concept of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

”The main benefit is that management will have time to focus on generating revenue instead of working with administrative processes.”

What can be transferred to BPO service provider

Finance and accounting, payroll processing, cash disbursements, account receivabe/payable, fixed assets, inventory, travel expenditures and IT are fast growing function in a company. These function were most companies choose to outsource.

With this strategy, the company will have additional time to concentrate on maximizing profits and growing its business rather than distract by administrative matters.

Business process that can be transferred to third party

BPO services advantages

BPO services will give you many advantages. Besides saving time-consuming, it shall assist the company in reducing costs.
Because it is a group of professionals in a company, it will be very helpful in obtaining information related to business needs.
Reduce the cost of internal headcount, headcount liability, personnel management, and even office space to hold new employees.
Several BPO providers (especially us) will provide equipment that supports BPO activities selected from cloud-based software as client portals, accounting software, and other things to free the clients from software investment costs.
The professional fee paid to the BPO company has been determined and contained in the initial contract, which is much different from the agreement if it uses employees who require allowances, bonuses, overtime, and other matters related to employment regulations.
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